Free Modelling Advice

Why use a specialist model portfolio studio, when you could get a friend or ask other photographers to do it for free?

A big mistake aspiring models make is doing the above, trying to cut corners by looking for a professional modelling portfolio for free. Freebies are great but do you really think any top fashion photographer will put all his/her effort and team into creating your portfolio for nothing? Not to talk of the risk you might be putting yourself into by meeting a total stranger who probably has personal motives in mind! Unfortunately, these things do happen.

Modelling is a very competitive industry and you will need to set yourself apart from others to gain any reputable assignments. Working with professionals right from the start could make or break your career as a professional model. It might cost you some of your hard earned cash, but it's an investment that would reap it's benefits. Soon you'll be making money doing something you truly enjoy.

What makes us different from other photographers is that our core business is fashion photography and therefore we understand what modelling agencies or brands require to see in your portfolio. With our extensive experience in the fashion industry, we are very aware that your model portfolio isn’t just a collection of pictures of you in different outfits. That's why we have a whole team to assist you during your shoot, guide you in choosing the right outfits and directing your poses to best show your strengths.

We treat each model differently, hence producing images that stand out. One of our many goals is to ensure your portfolio doesn't reflect that it was done in one session. We achieve this by using a combination of industry tricks such as having a choice of fabulous locations to shoot from, several outfits, hair and make-up changes and lighting techniques that emphasize our proficiency.

As well as having the choice to shoot in our fully equipped photography studio, you could also opt to shoot in a variety of exquisite locations or perhaps have your outfits provided by a professional fashion stylist.